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EnterpriseSignal cloud is your business user's personal mobile experience and is filled with the things they care about. Business users consume enterprise data in a natural style that is easy and intuitive. All aspects of a business flow including analytics, transactions, multimedia, collaboration & others are now available in one app.
  Covers All your Business Processes
Inside and Outside your Enterprise

Integrated app for BI, Transactions, Multimedia, Collaboration & Social needs.

Now there is no need to have a different app for each business task.

  Embrace and Secure
Inside and Outside data

Enterprise documents are frequently stored in dropbox/ box and other enterprise file sharing systems. EnterpriseSignal cloud lets you integrate such content in the context of your enterprise data.

For example, you can view an opportunity on the mobile and also pull up the proposal document for the opportunity from your enterprise file sharing system.

Rapid Modernization  
In Days and weeks and low cost
NO mobile coding required.
NO additional cloud integration software needed.
Business Users

"Single Native App" is their stunning view to consume All The Enterprise data securely.


It’s a single place for your business users to interact natively & uniformly with all your enterprise data in an online or offline mode. So whether you’re wanting to see Sales trends, workflow approvals, creating offline work order/ service request from middle of nowhere, your app follows your style.

NO more Multiple Apps/ User id/passwords to navigate and remember.


Rapid Modernization of leveraging existing IT Hybrid systems in days/ weeks.

Single integrated stack for BI, Transactions, Multimedia, Collaboration and Offline. Single Native mobile app for All enterprise Business flows, which gets upgraded automatically as iOS/ Android OS updates happen. Standards based j2ee multi-tenant cloud based engine to connect to custom/ legacy sources. Enterprise grade security built in each layer. Single platform to secure and manage. Deployable on Public/ Private cloud.

IT is Happy

Rapid modernization
Existing IT infrastructure is leveraged
Single integrated stack for – BI, Txn, Multimedia, Collaboration, Offline
Auto upgrades as Mobile OS new releases arrive
Single App for All Enterprise Stuff regardless of underlying source systems
Single platform to secure and manage
Standards based open j2ee engine to connect with custom/ legacy sources
Enterprise grade security :
      - SSO, SAML, VPN,https
      - In all layers (Device, Data, Application)
Public/ Private cloud deployment option



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